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Subliminal Messages To Eat Healthier

It’s hard to live the healthy life these days, what with the world bombarded with fast food chains in every corner of the street, with tempting and mouthwatering advertisements of the most sinful foods you can ever consume, and the daily stress, which often leads people to look for a food binge. Aren’t you wondering why peoples life spans are becoming shorter and shorter today?

Don’t join the unhealthy bandwagon. Here are 5 tips to eat healthier starting now.

1. Watch out for temptation. No matter where you go, most of the food choices you will see are not healthy at all. Junk food, fast food meals, ready-to-made foods you just have to pop into the microwave, and foods that taste great primarily because they contain high levels of sugar, cholesterol, and preservatives. They are delicious, tasty, and tempting, and they are now made convenient and very easy to prepare all the more reason why they sell like hotcakes.

2. Don’t listen to what the food industry is saying. This is what the food market is telling you:

Eat whats delicious
Eat what looks good
Eat what tastes good
Eat whats most convenient and accessible
Eat whats easiest to prepare

So that’s what most people do these days, and what we get, in general, are rising obesity rates, more people getting sick, and higher mortality rates.

The key to your health lies in your hands. Its up to you to use it to strengthen your body, make you less vulnerable to sickness, and make you live healthier and longer. Its time to make the food market stop dictating your diet.

3. Train your mind. Now, keeping away from temptation and closing your ears to the leers of the commercial food market is easier said than done. You have to instill the resolve not just in your conscious mind but also in your subconscious, which is more susceptible to external influences because the subconscious takes in what you see without bothering to filter them out.

So you need to train your mind. You have to make your mind want to live the healthy life; you have to convince it to think negatively towards unhealthy food choices and keep an eye out for healthier food options. This way, you don’t need to exert effort in fending off temptation. Once you see an ad for a fast food chain, your mind automatically registers that its bad for you so you do not get taken in.

4. Listen to subliminal messages to eat healthier. How do you train your mind exactly? Training the mind has to do with reaching deep into the subconscious and conditioning the thoughts there. These are the thoughts that direct most actions and behaviors so they are extremely powerful.

The only way to do this is by using subliminal messages. These messages are sent beneath the threshold of the conscious mind by recording them at the same frequency the brain operates in. These messages can be hidden in music and videos, so you can buy specific subliminal message CDs or subliminal DVDs designed to help encourage you to eat healthy.

5. Make your own healthful eating mantras. You should also constantly bombard both your conscious and subconscious with mantras all focused on healthy eating. You should tell yourself messages like:

I love food that is good for me
I will eat my way to a long fulfilled life
Vegetables nourish my body
Fruits purify my body
I see myself at the peak of good health

By constantly prodding yourself with these messages, you are constantly aware of your resolve to start eating right.

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